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Day 4 Downtown Night Views - Five Best Walks in Five Days on Lido Key

On Day 1 we walked to Ted Sperling Park for Sunrise and Day 2 we walked the Lido Shores neighborhood where the Umbrella House is located. Day 3 we saw mermaids, yes actual mermaids on North Lido Beach! Today's walk is a bit longer but you'll see some beautiful views of downtown and the Ringling Bridge when you get to the farthest point in the walk at Ken Thompson Park.

As with the previous routes we are starting at the directional sign in south Lido Key in the vicinity of South Boulevard of the Presidents and Garfield Drive (see day 1 route). For the route I've provided a MyPacer link when I did the route which shows you the route details, time, steps, calories and pictures I took along the way. You can download the route and follow it or make your own.

Route 4 - Ken Thompson Park

This route is approximately 5 miles round trip and the first half of this walk is the Umbrella House walk. What I like about this route is the diversity of surroundings.

Starting in south Lido Key it takes you north along the Lido Key Beach MURT trail until you reach St. Armand's Circle, From there you head north through the St. Armand's neighborhoods and some beautiful homes until you reach Boulevard of the Presidents. Continuing to head north you'll pass by Pansy Bayou and have some beautiful views of downtown. The Lido Shores neighborhood is here and you'll have a view of the Umbrella House along the way.

Finally you'll get to the only traffic light on Lido Key and you'll turn right towards Ken Thompson Park. Along the way you'll pass by some of Lido Key's watering holes, Mote Marine Aquarium, Save our Seabirds, Marine Max and finally Ken Thompson Park at the end of the road. With restrooms and park benches and spectacular views of downtown it a good spot to sit awhile if you need a rest. the views are really nice at dusk with the city and Ringling bridge lights along with sailboats in the foreground.

To learn more about Ken Thompson Park check out my previous blog on Lido Key parks.

Send me your favorite routes and I'll put together another blog in the future. Enjoy the island!

MyPacer can be downloaded for Apple or Android phones here. After using it for this blog I found it pretty good and useful for sharing the routes.

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