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Day 2 Umbrella House - Five Best Walks in Five Days on Lido Key

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

In Day 1 we walked to Ted Sperling Park for Sunrise. In this blog we'll be walking to the Lido Key neighborhood of Lido Shores on the north end of the island to see the Umbrella house. Lido Shores was developed in the 1950's and provides some of the most unique architecture for homes in Sarasota.

As with the previous route we are starting at the directional sign in south Lido Key in the vicinity of South Boulevard of the Presidents and Garfield Drive (see day 1 route). For the route I've provided a MyPacer link when I did the route which shows you the route details, time, steps, calories and pictures I took along the way. You can download the route and follow it or make your own. No judging my times - I was taking pictures!

Day 2 - The Umbrella House in the Lido Shores Neighborhood

This route is about 3 miles round trip but can easily be more if you roam around the Lido Shores neighborhood (like I did). The Lido Shores neighborhood was developed in the 1950's and has some of the most iconic modern architecture in Sarasota. If you want to duplicate, or see all the details of this route, it can be viewed and downloaded from MyPacer by clicking on the route picture below.

One of the most recognized houses in Sarasota is the Umbrella House which you can see from the Ringling Causeway as you head north from St. Armand's Circle. The Umbrella House was designed by architect Paul Rudolph and described by Architectural Digest as “One of the five most remarkable houses of the mid-twentieth century”.

I find it's easy to roam around this neighborhood and marvel at the collection of modern architecture. Micheal Sanders has a nice article on the historical development of Lido Shores and the regional modernism that became known as the Sarasota School of Architecture.

Check out the picture gallery below. The MyPacer link has even more photos that I took on the walk.

To learn more about local Sarasota architecture visit the Sarasota Architecture Foundation. They occasionally have tours of the Umbrella House on their events page.

Enjoy walking the island and exploring Lido Shores!

MyPacer can be downloaded for Apple or Android phones here. After using it for this blog I found it pretty good and useful for sharing the routes.

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