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Celebrate the Moment at one of St. Armand's 5 Best Bars

Now that the restaurants / bars have safely reopened it's time to toast our good fortune and have ourselves a stiff drink for making it this far in life (especially after 2020 s**t show). After all nothing is guaranteed other than this moment. So let's enjoy it and whatever life journey you're on and hit up some destinations!

BTW budget is not a consideration - you're living in the moment. Most have a Happy Hour from 3-6 PM every day and right after Happy Hour can be a good time to snag a seat. Visiting all 5 in one evening made for a fun time and thankfully I was on foot going home. Celebrate responsibly and enjoy exploring the bars of St. Armand's.

There's always an island vibe here if you're lucky enough to get a seat especially in season. Although it's a national chain this location is a locals place. If you're lucky Doug will be tending bar downstairs and Marcel will be playing guitar. Doug's undoubtedly one of the best and longest tenured bartenders on the circle. If you need a snack order the Loaded Hurricane Tots there's plenty for sharing.

Serving them up at Tommy Bahama downstairs bar

It's the place with the telephone booth out front and over 50 Irish whiskeys inside. If there's an Irish bar there's a party going on and what better way to celebrate than with a pint. Jason the owner is always there and helping to serve up whatever you may want. This is one of the few spots on the circle that sells liquor, beer and wine to go. House favorite cocktail is the Orange Crush which is pretty potent. Or you can enjoy a pint of Guinness and sing Irish songs.

Have a pint of Guinness at Lynches

The bar downstairs is small and getting a seat can be hard. These guys are true mixologists and probably make the most creative cocktails on the circle. The smoked Old Fashioned is to die for along with the meatball appetizer. If you stay for dinner the upstairs outside porch has the best view of the world going by and the Sausage Rabe Rigatoni pasta dish is killer.

Smoked Old Fashioned at Speaks

This is by far the coolest and trendiest bar on the circle - if you can get a seat at the bar that is. Located above the store with the same name the open deck atmosphere and roll back roof heightens the ambiance. Whatever you get pair with with the Tuna Tartare and you'll be a happy camper.

You'll be lucky to get a seat at the Shore

Cuban food at it's best and a local bay area institution. The original location is in Ybor City in Tampa but I think this location is better due to the people watching. They have by far the

best authentic Mojitos. If you can't get a seat at the small bar then get a table on the patio and enjoy a couple of pitchers of their Cava Sangria along with the 1905 salad. It will make for a relaxing afternoon watching the world go by.

Best people watching on the patio at the Columbia


Cha Cha Coconuts next to the Columbia has live music sometimes and is a great spot for some beers and people watching.

Daiquiri Deck has a bar downstairs and upstairs and is the most touristy.

Crab and Fin, Verona (recently opened) and Le Colonne Restaurant all have small bars in their restaurants.

The Whiskey Barrel is one of the newest spot on the circle and I love whiskey! (Sorry no website to link to).

Drink responsibly and enjoy exploring the bars of St. Armand's. Check out my blog on the best Lido Beach Bars.

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